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Delivering growth through assets, skills and resources

We at SGS Telekom, provide a comprehensive suite of Professional Services designed to streamline your IT experience. Our solutions ensure industry-leading skilled professionals, secure transitions, efficient global deployments, and flexible workforce augmentation. From managing assets to relocating data centers, we precisely navigate complexities, delivering a seamless and professional IT journey.

Key Features

Harnessing expertise for seamless solutions


Pioneering newer approaches to drive continuous improvement


Streamlining processes to ensure optimal resource utilization

Our Offerings
IT Asset Disposition
Maximize returns on retired IT assets globally. Our secure process includes de-installation, NIST-compliant data erasure, and e-waste recycling. During the entire process, we strictly ensure compliance, high value and environmental responsibility.
Storage/Data Migration
Swiftly capitalize on hardware investments. Our expert-level engineers execute a phased methodology for seamless data and storage migration, minimizing downtime and proving ROI on new technology.
Data Center Relocation
Efficiently relocate IT infrastructure with our experienced project managers. Whether moving equipment or consolidating data centers, our detailed assessments and global support ensure a smooth transition within your timeframe.
Remote Hands
Global operational support for your infrastructure assets. Our dispatch-based service provides on-demand field engineers for routine tasks, ensuring flexibility and cost-effectiveness in managing hardware, installations, and removals.
IMAC Services
Install, move, add and change effortlessly. Our global network of technicians supports diverse IMAC requests, ensuring qualified resources are locally available to meet your evolving IT requirements.
IT Deployment
Navigate complex global deployments effortlessly. Our experienced team collaborates with your IT staff, from initial discovery to deployment support, ensuring successful rollouts of new or upgraded hardware on schedule.
Staff Augmentation
Flexibility to scale your workforce globally. Our staffing services provide qualified on-site or remote resources for short-term or long-term IT initiatives, allowing you to adapt to budget fluctuations and client needs.
The SGS Advantage
Global Expertise

Navigate IT globally with seasoned professionals for seamless solutions.

Comprehensive Services

Covering IT lifecycle needs, from secure disposition to global deployment.

Compliance Assurance

NIST-compliant erasure and secure IT disposition for regulatory adherence.

Operational Flexibility

On-demand remote support and staff augmentation for dynamic adaptability.

Efficiency at Scale

Optimize resources globally with streamlined services for operational excellence.

Environmental Responsibility

Prioritize sustainability through e-waste recycling and responsible IT asset management.

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