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Welcome to SGS Telekom, where innovation meets connectivity. As a global leader, we transcend traditional boundaries to inspire impactful solutions for a connected world. Our commitment extends beyond services; we encourage clients to take everyday actions for a sustainable future. At SGS, we're not just a provider – we're partners in your growth journey. With a focus on excellent customer experiences, we envision and create a better tomorrow for businesses worldwide. Embrace out-of-the-box thinking and future sustainability with SGS Telekom, where every connection is an opportunity, and every partnership is a step towards a brighter, connected future.

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Founder’s Note

Waman Patil

Chairman & Founder

“At SGS Telekom, our journey began with a simple belief – connectivity transforms lives. Fueled by passion, we set out to innovate, inspire, and connect the world. We are on an everlasting quest for shaping a brighter, better and connected world!”

Key Features
Empathy in Every Action

Fostering connections through understanding

Collaborative Prosperity

Thriving together in shared success

Ethical Connectivity

Building trust in every connection

Inclusive Innovation

Creating opportunities for all, globally

Our team

Lead by expertise. Driven by passion.

John Dhar

Vice President,
Global Sales & Marketing

Joshua Aghamkar

Global Operations

Uday Karpe

Global Service,
Delivery Manager

Ashish Patil

Global Carrier,
Relations Manager

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