Newark, Delaware, 19713, USA

Logistics and Warehousing

SGS handles the following services

  • Freight Forwarding
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Door to Door Logistics

Warehousing, Custom Clearance
and many more for its valuable clients while our clients can focus on their customer needs.

We design and manage supply chains from planning and procurement through to the arrival and delivery of products at their final destination.

Our high-quality solutions are tailor-made to meet the exact needs of our customers whether it is a business looking to diversify, expand or improve its logistics set-up.

Customer’s businesses accelerate

From warehousing and distribution services to purchase and quality management, we can get the right supply chain in place so our customer’s businesses can move fast.

Building long-term competitiveness

Our hands-on services and strategic solutions are extensive and customized to meet our customers’ every need, whether it’s a competitive rate for an urgent shipment or a strategic partner who can identify and create short-term efficiencies and build up long-term competitiveness.

Logistics & Warehousing

SGS Telekom provides a comprehensive spectrum of transport, logistics, and warehousing services.

The service of storage, carrying, and shipment of your equipment will be quick and safe.

Even if you already have the equipment or you request the purchase from us, we can manage the logistics and the storage of your equipment, so that it can be ready to use closer to the location needed.

In this way, you can guarantee that your operation will not suffer any damage.

door-to-door delivery services for customers
simplify logistics management while focusing on core business
our own warehousing space /arrangements at key locations across the country
reduce overheads increase efficiency and cut down distribution time